Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm falling apart.

This post is not for the faint of heart. This is your warning. If you don't like seeing really cool/disgusting burns and rashes/cuts, then don't read. 

But this was my train of thought yesterday... I saw the good through all my ailments. 

Yesterday morning, I swiped my hand on my curling iron.  It resulted in a semi serious burn. It's a lot darker today, but doesn't hurt. Thank goodness.  But in return of getting burnt, I had a really good hair day. It was full of volume and wonderful.  Beauty is pain. 

Last week, I cut my ankle shaving (yes, I'm like a 12 year old girl who just learned how)... Since I had a bandaid on it for apparently too much/long, I am having some weird reaction to the adhesive. Fantastic. It's been there since Sunday... Last night I put Neosporin on it and kept it open.  It blistered up. And got to the point where I could not walk on that foot without being in complete pain. I even cried a little. Today, it is better... Scabbing over. But yesterday, even though I had this painful rash/cut on my leg, I wore my adorable Gianni Bini flats. They make me feel so good. And sparkly. Please ignore my stupid shoe liner things showing. 

The whole left side of my body is just falling apart. 

*Update: My burn is a lot darker, and starting to slightly scab. NBD. My ankle on the other hand... Oh boy. It's a solid 10 times darker than in the picture above. And the dark color is spreading. I would say there's a slight chance I could die. Although my very caring mother is making me take some vitamin/superfood powder stuff that smells like chicken feed. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Hopefully all the vitamins will help my body be like "Hey! Go away!" to all my boo-boo's. 

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  1. Kels I'm so glad you didn't die!! I know because I've talked to you today...it would suck if I hadn't talked to you since you posted this and I just barely read it.

    I love your hair.