Monday, July 30, 2012

What I Am Loving {at the moment} July 30th

Happy Monday! Here are some of my finds. Enjoy! 

1. Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt ($4.99) - I am always up for trying new healthy food.  Saw these at the grocery store and thought I would give it a try! They are delicious.  I got the blueberry ones, and at 70 calories, they are the perfect little treat! 
2. Nasty Gal Audrey Platforms ($138.00) - These are definitely a "wish list" item till I finish school... I have seen these here and there for the past couple of months. Still love 'em, still want 'em. 
3. High Heel Suicide / LA's Blog - Found her via Instagram, read her blog, saw her clothing line, fell in love.  She has the best sense of style & I just love looking at her clothes.  The shirt she's wearing in the above picture (which I used with her permission) is one I want. I want it real bad. It comes from her collaboration with Fox House, and I can't wait to see it! 
4. The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing ($10.00) - Such a cute, quick read.  Took this to San Diego with me and finished in two days.  
5. Benefit Stay Don't Stray ($26.00) - Picked this up at Sephora.  Probably one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I get so annoyed when my eye shadow gets all up in the crease of my eye.  Happened ALL the time before I found this primer.  It will keep your eye shadow in place, and it will keep your concealer in place around your eye. I don't know how I lived without this before. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, Girl You're Such a Rebel.

Over the weekend, I got the urge to put some pink in my hair. I can't explain where this urge came from. Just felt like it. So I did it. It was a temporary hair color, nothing extreme, and it has actually mostly washed out.  It was just six small sections to begin with, and now it's barely pink at all. 

Well, contrary to popular belief of the people around me... 
  • I am not some rebel
  • I am not some punk girl
  • I am not doing drugs
  • I am not trying to stand out
  • I am not a groupie in some color-hair posse
  • It is not a reflection on my parents (my Mom actually did a pretty good job, because I am awesome)
So why did I do it? Just felt like it. Because I am as free as my hair, and I felt like it.  

So stop with the thinking that I am some rebel without a cause.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

What I Am Loving {at the moment} July 23rd

I think I have decided that Monday is the perfect day to do this.  It allows for any weekend finds to be included. 


1. Marina & The Diamonds ($12.99) - You have probably heard Primadonna on the radio.  I heard it and thought I would check out the album.  It's great! Pop-Powerful-Electric-Dark-Dance is how I would describe it. This is her second album, and I will definitely be snagging her first when payday comes! 
2. Nails Inc. Sprinkles Nail Polish ($9.50) - Picked this up at the Sephora counter. It's so fun & goes on easily. One drawback is that it is a b-word to get off. Regardless, I will be playing around with this trend a little more.  Going to try an ombre nail with it next! 
3. Dorothy Perkins Skull Bracelet ($5.00) - This is just an example of a bracelet I'm on the hunt for. While on vacation in Cali, Sky's sister picked up the cutest skull bracelet! One similar will soon be mine. 
4. 80's Purple Wendy Cat Eye Sunglasses ($12.00) - Crossing my fingers that I'll find these in my mailbox today. 80's Purple is an awesome site and all the sunglasses are only $12! Seriously can't wait to rock these cat eye's. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I Am Loving {at the moment} - A New Idea

I want to start a new reoccurring post here on Kelsey's Adventures.  Something that will hopefully keep people coming back.  Something fun that gets people's imagination working, and takes you away from the everyday hustle&bustle that happens in your mind. And so, I will start "What I Am Loving {at the moment} ".  Not sure what day I'll designate to this, but I will make it a weekly thing.  I figure you all have Second Friday posts to look at once a month for a couple days, you need some other reoccurring things up in here. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh hey.

I don't want this quick little post to be a huge apology.  I have no excuses. Well, I sort of do. I'll tell you what I've been up to lately.  My last post was on June 12th. Wow. I am ashamed. 

For the last weeks of June, I literally have no excuses as to why there were no posts from myself. And I will hold myself accountable for there being no Second Friday posts since I have all the pictures. 

I do have an excuse for the past two weeks though. I was on vacay. And it was fabulous.  I will blog about that soon. I promise! Let me get caught back up on things.  

I always think I'm going to have so much time once school is out.  I always think I'm going to be so focused and bloggy. Ha. Truth is... After working for 8 hours each day at a computer, working on a computer once I get home just sounds terrible.  When I get home from work and the gym, I sit on my bed and watch something on Netflix on my iPad.  Something girly (hello Keeping Up With the Kardashians), and something I can just tune out to.  

Anyway, I'll do my best.