Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little insight into my personality.

If I get fired up about something, I won't shut up about it.  I am aware of this little quirky (mostly annoying) personality trait.  I do not care. I will talk your ear off until next year about something if it pisses me off enough.  

Another thing? If you do one thing to make me question your character or general intelligence, it's really hard to change my mind on how I look at you as a person.  Not only that, but my paranoid personality comes out and I then believe you're giving me dirty looks. Which then makes me like you less and less.  It's a vicious cycle. 

Why so angry, Kels? Because. It's been one of those days.  Everyone is making my furious. And I can't let go of it. 

Luckily, there is one person on this planet that never tires of my rants.  And that's my best friend / co-author of this blog.  Being angry and being able to rant freely about crap is one of the core pillars of our friendship.  We're talking hours of in-person conversation, pages and pages of texts, and unimaginably long emails.  

Survivor by Destiny's Child just came up on my iPod.  I'm so fired up. 

Friday, February 8, 2013


This is awkward. It's literally been like 3 months since I even typed in our URL.  Say what. 

Anyway. Last semester nearly killed me.  I had this post written up about it, then forgot about for like 2 months. My bad.  This semester is approximately 1,000,000,000,000 times better. 

That's not really what I want to blog about.  And I've thought over the past 3 months "oh that would make a good post", but then I never write it. I'm awesome! 

What's happening in my life? Uhh a whole lot! (small Parks & Rec quote, that show is my life, you guys.) Work, school, Skylar, Alixx, my cats. That pretty much sums it up. It's all a girl really needs. 

See you guys in July! Ha jk. I'll try to be better. 

But don't get your hopes up. My main goal in life is to manage people's expectations. I'm a pro at it. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What a great weekend(s)!

Man. These past couple of weeks have been crazy.  

Two weekends ago, my sister and her hubby came to town to have a Baby Gender Reveal party! And my oldest sister, Cass, surprised us all and came to town! Good thing, because we needed her expertise to pull this party off.  I will raid my mom's camera and post some pictures of the party.  It was seriously adorable and turned out perfect!  

Oh and I should probably reveal that I'm going to have a little niece!! I could not be more excited. 

That weekend was just filled with family and food (like Second Friday) and fun! 

So last weekend was just cool. It was one of those weekends where Sky and I just chilled. With how busy both of our schedules are, it was awesome.  Date night at home was Friday, totally awesome. Saturday was hanging out and a bonfire with his parents.  And Sunday was again, awesome, and consisted of carving pumpkins with Sky's family.  We always dominate that competition. 

And that leads us up to the next couple of days and this weekend.  In just TWO days, Alixx and I are going to see Karmin!! We are so excited.  And I am sure there will be a post about it. 

Ahh weekends. Why are they so short? Why do weekdays exist? Go ahead and ponder that deep thought.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh hey. Have I done this before?

I straight up don't even know where to start. 

School has been completely insane.  And with my weirdo work schedule, I'm home for about 2 hours before I crash on my bed in a pile of papers. And you say "Kelsey, you could be blogging with those two hours." No. I can't. My brain is too fried, my computer sucks hard core, and for some stupid reason Blogger doesn't work on my iPad. I'll find a way around it though, I promise. 

I have had wonderful opportunities to test out some awesome products with Birchbox.  Please go sign up for this service! It's $10/month and you'll never run out of beauty supplies.  

It feels like the only things I post are apologies for not posting. For reals.  In my mind, I'm always like "Oh yeah! I'll totally have time to do that!", then when it actually comes time, I'm like "Nope." It's really making me think that I should stop agreeing to so much.  

I shall do my best though.  Other than sucking at blogging, life has been good.  School is tough, but it is SO worth it.  And I can't wait to be done so I can move on to the next chapter in my life. Work is crazy just because I'm working really odd hours for an office/desk job, but I'm blessed to have a boss that supports the fact that I'm a student.  And Sky and I are good.  We are two broke college students just lovin' life together. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Soooo Here's A Story From A-Z

Name that song. I'm listening to it right now, and I am giggling. Ohh childhood memories. 

It's Spice Girls for you lame-o's out there. 

I was like six when "Wannabe" came out. So from that point till I was like eleven, I was obsessed.  My mother did NOT allow me to listen to them (looking back on that I'm like, yeah that was a good idea)... But like the rebel child I was, I listened to them anyway. My friends and I would recreate the dances, assign the Spice Girl's names to ourselves, and watch Spice World over and over. I even hid two Spice Girl's posters in my closet. Rebel. Child. 

This wasn't even the point of this post. I'm just on a reminiscent Spice Girl kick. Girl Power! 

And so, you might ask, "Where the crap have you been?". That's none of your business, I've been here the whole time. 

I haven't been posting "What I Am Loving" because.... I don't know. I've been busy, AND school started. Oh boy. 

Two weekends ago, Skylar, myself, and my younger brother went camping! It was so fun.  We went to the middle of nowhere up on the Mogollon Rim (if you aren't from AZ, it's Mug-ee-on Rim).  It was quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and wonderful.  

Last weekend was supposed to be an awesome Last Weekend Before School weekend.  It was pretty good besides the following detail: Some lady in a drive-thru hit Manuel (and me since I was in the car). She accidentally let her foot off the brake while rummaging through her purse.  SHE LET HER CAR MOVE NO LESS THAN FIVE FEET. How do you not realize your car is moving? Luckily, there is no better person to get in a fender bender with than a pediatrician who drives an Escalade and lives in a gated community in Gilbert.  Manuel is getting fixed on Thursday at her expense! 

As for this past weekend (like yesterday-weekend), I have no excuse. And that brings us to today. I got my Birchbox in the mail! That means I'll have plenty of things to test and report!! I am so excited. I've been waiting for this for months. And so, I promise that next Monday, I will have a "What I Am Loving". 

The end. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

What I Am Loving {at the moment} July 30th

Happy Monday! Here are some of my finds. Enjoy! 

1. Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt ($4.99) - I am always up for trying new healthy food.  Saw these at the grocery store and thought I would give it a try! They are delicious.  I got the blueberry ones, and at 70 calories, they are the perfect little treat! 
2. Nasty Gal Audrey Platforms ($138.00) - These are definitely a "wish list" item till I finish school... I have seen these here and there for the past couple of months. Still love 'em, still want 'em. 
3. High Heel Suicide / LA's Blog - Found her via Instagram, read her blog, saw her clothing line, fell in love.  She has the best sense of style & I just love looking at her clothes.  The shirt she's wearing in the above picture (which I used with her permission) is one I want. I want it real bad. It comes from her collaboration with Fox House, and I can't wait to see it! 
4. The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing ($10.00) - Such a cute, quick read.  Took this to San Diego with me and finished in two days.  
5. Benefit Stay Don't Stray ($26.00) - Picked this up at Sephora.  Probably one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I get so annoyed when my eye shadow gets all up in the crease of my eye.  Happened ALL the time before I found this primer.  It will keep your eye shadow in place, and it will keep your concealer in place around your eye. I don't know how I lived without this before. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, Girl You're Such a Rebel.

Over the weekend, I got the urge to put some pink in my hair. I can't explain where this urge came from. Just felt like it. So I did it. It was a temporary hair color, nothing extreme, and it has actually mostly washed out.  It was just six small sections to begin with, and now it's barely pink at all. 

Well, contrary to popular belief of the people around me... 
  • I am not some rebel
  • I am not some punk girl
  • I am not doing drugs
  • I am not trying to stand out
  • I am not a groupie in some color-hair posse
  • It is not a reflection on my parents (my Mom actually did a pretty good job, because I am awesome)
So why did I do it? Just felt like it. Because I am as free as my hair, and I felt like it.  

So stop with the thinking that I am some rebel without a cause.