Monday, November 28, 2011

A Tinsy Tiny Problem.

I am a broke college student. There, I said it. For one more semester next spring I am paying for my schooling out of pocket. Yeah yeah, it's only community college prices, but still. That $150/month is semi detrimental when it comes to this problem I have - I love shopping. So since I cannot go shopping any time soon, I am going to cyber-window-shop. And I am going to show you some things I am looking at. 

Pretty much all things Steve Madden: 

But I am particularly fond of these. I love ankle straps. 
You could pretty much point out any Steve shoe and I would find a way to rock it. Another trend I am loving? Boots. Not just ordinary brown/black-to-the-knee-boots. But biker-esque or military-style boots. 

Oh man if I had money...

I would buy this Chambray shirt from Levi's. Or really any other source. 

I also need this immediately. 
Kate Spade Sparkle Summit Brynn

I love the Versace for H&M line. Hello, Love.
Leather Dress
And this leather coat is why I wish I lived in a city that got colder than 45 in the winter. C'mon Arizona. 
Versace for H&M Coat
When I think of Versace, and when I think of leather with gold trimmings, I think of Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory music video. She wore vintage Versace throughout. I have never seen anything more beautiful. And that may be why I love the Versace for H&M line so much. 

Basically what you can gather from this post is that I am craving every single thing out of my price range. It sucks when you have a price range of $0-$5. Sigh... Off to look at more fashion blogs. 

P.S. Something that confuses me about women with fashion blogs - how do they afford to buy all their clothes?! I just can't get over it. If you want some recommendations on blogs to read, just comment or shoot me a message. I'd be happy to share. Some of them are listed on the side panel. 

P.S.S. It's the holiday season. A season of giving. If any of you are feeling generous, I will happily take any of these items. Thanks.

**Update. (I originally wrote this post like 2 weeks ago). Since then, I walked around the mall, which I have not been to in AGES. And I found a super cute leather-looking skirt from Forever 21. They don't have a picture of it online. So just imagine it in your head. And last night I had an epiphany that it would look awesome with the above chambray shirt, awesomely patterned tights, and either a killer heel or a cool boot. 

SECOND EPIPHANY! The leather skirt -think this kind of fit, just in black leather. I need to pair it with my white button down, with a v-neck sweater over top. And again with the tights/shoes. 

I heart outfit epiphanies. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ASU game pictures and such.

Alixx also has a post on this... fyi. 

Here are some pictures of the ASU vs. U of A game we attended last Saturday. We went with a group of fun people and had a blast! Yes, ASU lost. No, I don't really care. I'm technically not even a student there yet (next fall!). It also goes back to the fact that I'm not a die hard football fan. I love going to the games, but it's more of an atmosphere thing. I was CONSTANTLY asking Sky what was going on. He laughed at me a lot. 

Pre-Game... Keep scrolling through to see if we remain friends through this bitter rivalry. 

What a cute BF I have... 

"A" for Arizona!... Or America. Or Alixx! 

Woo taking the field! 

A mixing of the bands! Which is completely acceptable, even if the schools absolutely hate each other. The guy that was sitting behind me was boo-ing non stop, so I turned around with my angry face and "WOOOOOOOOO"'d him. It was awesome. I think he was slightly intoxicated, so I couldn't explain the rules of Marching Band to him. Bands pretty generally like other bands. And non-band nerds will just never understand.  

This was within the last minute of the game. Even an "ehh" football fan like myself had a pounding heart. 

STILL FRIENDS!! Duhh... Like we would let some silly school rivalry tear this apart. Please. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where have I been all your life?... Recently.

Oh hey... So yeah, may as well address the elephant in this online room. I haven't blogged in a couple weeks. I'M SORRY. Really I am. I always judge those people that write on their blogs only every so often... And now I am one of them. I have bowed my head in shame. So here are some pictures snapped from my phone from the last couple of weeks of my life. They are in no specific order because I am a.) lazy and b.) really need to get to some homework before I go to bed. 

So I have been:
Laughing at my insanely cute cat & the way he lays. 

 Seeing the ironic things that make life great - this is some math homework I got back... Second & Friday were two fill in the blank answers. Fate. 

I've been hanging out with my love-muffin.  

Watching pretty flowers being planted, then feeding them to my dog.  

Getting crazily excited for this masterpiece. Another thing you'll have to deal with on our blog - we are devoted Lady Gaga fans. Alixx received one of these also. This is the entire Born This Way album on 14 records with art on every single one of them. I'm in love.  

I've been insanely busy planning my Mom's 50th birthday party with my sisters and step-dad. It turned out great!!  

I have a ton more pictures of this night on my camera. It was beautiful! All purple/black/zebra! 

This is the cake we ordered her from Caketini! It was huge & beautiful... And delicious!  

I've been laughing at my brothers. And my boyfriend, who's plan this was. Caption: Zebra Mummy!  

Work. Work. Work. With this picture and the one below, I guess I should make it known that I just got a little seasonal job at Bath&Body Works! So with this addition to my regular desk job, for reals. Work... It's all I do when I'm not doing school.  

I am ADDICTED to this lip shine. It is minty & wonderful. Basically the entire C.O. Bigelow line is sent from the heavens above. Go and get yourself some. The stuff above goes on like a gloss, but then just makes your lips soft like you have chapstick on, and it really does freshen your breath!  

I've been falling more and more in love with my dog, Macy. She really is the cutest, most sweetest thing ever. She decided she had to come snuggle in my room one morning while I was getting ready for school/work.  

I've been painting my nails like they're a 1970 Chevy Chevelle :D 

I've been getting great fortunes from Panda Express.  

Skylar and I had a date night on Friday. We ate at Chipotle & went and saw Tower Heist. It was okay... not as funny as we thought it would be.  

I've been frying up some pork chops for the above mentioned dude. These were divine. and the recipe can be found here. Thanks, Betty!!

And finally, I've been loving that my cats & dogs are finally getting along. 

So there you have it. I promise I'll post more. Love, Kels.