Monday, November 28, 2011

A Tinsy Tiny Problem.

I am a broke college student. There, I said it. For one more semester next spring I am paying for my schooling out of pocket. Yeah yeah, it's only community college prices, but still. That $150/month is semi detrimental when it comes to this problem I have - I love shopping. So since I cannot go shopping any time soon, I am going to cyber-window-shop. And I am going to show you some things I am looking at. 

Pretty much all things Steve Madden: 

But I am particularly fond of these. I love ankle straps. 
You could pretty much point out any Steve shoe and I would find a way to rock it. Another trend I am loving? Boots. Not just ordinary brown/black-to-the-knee-boots. But biker-esque or military-style boots. 

Oh man if I had money...

I would buy this Chambray shirt from Levi's. Or really any other source. 

I also need this immediately. 
Kate Spade Sparkle Summit Brynn

I love the Versace for H&M line. Hello, Love.
Leather Dress
And this leather coat is why I wish I lived in a city that got colder than 45 in the winter. C'mon Arizona. 
Versace for H&M Coat
When I think of Versace, and when I think of leather with gold trimmings, I think of Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory music video. She wore vintage Versace throughout. I have never seen anything more beautiful. And that may be why I love the Versace for H&M line so much. 

Basically what you can gather from this post is that I am craving every single thing out of my price range. It sucks when you have a price range of $0-$5. Sigh... Off to look at more fashion blogs. 

P.S. Something that confuses me about women with fashion blogs - how do they afford to buy all their clothes?! I just can't get over it. If you want some recommendations on blogs to read, just comment or shoot me a message. I'd be happy to share. Some of them are listed on the side panel. 

P.S.S. It's the holiday season. A season of giving. If any of you are feeling generous, I will happily take any of these items. Thanks.

**Update. (I originally wrote this post like 2 weeks ago). Since then, I walked around the mall, which I have not been to in AGES. And I found a super cute leather-looking skirt from Forever 21. They don't have a picture of it online. So just imagine it in your head. And last night I had an epiphany that it would look awesome with the above chambray shirt, awesomely patterned tights, and either a killer heel or a cool boot. 

SECOND EPIPHANY! The leather skirt -think this kind of fit, just in black leather. I need to pair it with my white button down, with a v-neck sweater over top. And again with the tights/shoes. 

I heart outfit epiphanies. 

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