Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Happy Birthday to Lix.

It's her birthday today! The big 2-2. Gross. I mean, yay! It's just gross because we don't ever want to be old.

Anyway, here is a list of reasons of why I am really fond of Alixx, and reasons our friendship is the best ever. Happy Birthday!
  • She loves horses. I've loved horses my entire life. The second I found out she loves them, I knew this friendship was for life. 
  • She owns Remy, a red hot Mustang. Yes. Another thing I've loved my entire life. 
  • So obviously you can start to tell that we love a lot of the same things. It's a reason I am fond of her. It makes life easy. 
  • She's awkward. This friendship is based on lots of awkwardness. But it's the fact that we mutually understand why/how the other feels when things get awkward. 
  • She allows me to be angry when something pisses me off. She's my #1 need-to-rant-to person. 
  • She's the first to laugh at my stories. And she doesn't just pity laugh, she laughs then keeps the story/conversation going. We come up with some crazy things. 
  • In comparison to a lot of other friendships out there, we haven't been friends for that long. But I bet we're cooler than a lot of other friendships out there. We call our first three years of high school "wasted time" because we weren't friends till senior year. Why were we wasting such precious time?!? Actually those previous three years, we both thought the other was too cool to be our friend. Silly. 
  • She loves cooking. Which makes cooking together quite the adventure. 
  • She's super smart, even though she's incredibly humble about it. This is like two reasons in one. 
  • All of our texts are 2-3 pages long. They're very rarely short, we have a lot to say! 
  • We share the same viewpoints on a lot of stuff.  I would say that's an important quality in getting along with your best friend. 
  • And last, but definitely not least, she loves Lady Gaga. Not a "oh yeah, I love her too" but then goes home and doesn't like her. She LOVES her, just as much as I do. Which is a lot. You could say it was what really set our best friendship into warp speed. Yeah, we were pretty good friends before, but then Gaga comes along and does what she does. Magic. 
So there it is. Happy Birthday, Lix. You're the best friend ever! 
We played tennis together Senior year. It was a BLAST. 

Pigeon & Wookie. Best friends. 


And we were in band together. 

Our San Diego band trip Senior year! 


And us present day. 

Us dancing before the Monster Ball! 

Like omg! 

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  1. I love your tribute to two were meant to be! I cracked up laughing at all of your awkward San Diego times!