Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Writer's Block. A Dedication to our 35th Like.

I recently wrote on Facebook (and by recently, I mean tonight), that was stuck between writing here, and doing homework. I was like, "yeah! I feel like writing!" But I was having a crazy creativity block. It's probably all the dull physics I ingested this evening, or the fact that my English paper is totally late. Or that my finals are on Monday, and I'm semi freaking out.

Well anywho's, I begged for "likes" on our Facebook page, lo & behold, our dear friend David Knighton Brandi liked us. Out of guilt. Which is exactly what I was aiming for! Mmmwahaha... I actually haven't seen David in a few good years. We were all in band together. Woo! But now we're all old and adults.

So here's your post David. Sorry it's nothing "special". I'm in a very dry mood. In the intent of leaving this post on a good note, I walked into an Ann Taylor yesterday, and wanted to buy everything. But alas, I am poor. Maybe someday you can help me pick out some fabulous clothes.

-The End.

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