Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three Weeks Ago.

Life has been so great lately. And I'm not saying that in a total vain way like "oh my gosh, my life is perfect! Nothing is terrible! Roses & butterflies!" Yeah right. I'm talking like I lived through another semester of school (could have done better, but whatevs) while working two jobs.  About to start up another one, and just taking life one day at a time.  That's something I like doing... Hence the following story. 

About three weeks ago, as I was driving home from work, my dearest sister called me to see what was up. She lives in Southern California, and her husband is off in the Navy (I won't be diving into any details here, for the safety of our beloved troops).  Basically, our phone conversation ended in me ditching work the next day (don't worry, I called my boss) and driving to see her! I didn't work at job #2 all weekend, and I have an awesome boss at job #1 that didn't mind. So I left early Friday morning to spend two days with my sis. It was great! 

Here are some pictures from my trip.  Some are not edited at all... Because I'm lazy and want to go to bed. 
I left nice & early. It's at the very beginning that I love road trips by myself. 

I felt like I was racing this train. AND I WON. Naturally. 

This is rain on my windshield. There was ONE cloud in the sky. Then once I got into the mountains right before San Diego, I drove through snow! My windshield wipers are pure crap, and it was really scary. 

Our little fancy dinner the night I got there. Cheese & bread. What more could two girls need?

I love the hills of California. Always been one of my favorite things about it. 

Please stop driving this car, bro. 

Downtown SD from the bridge to Coronado Island.

Pretty sailboats. 

Every liquor store on Coronado Island has a deli in it. This was our hunt for a sandwich my sister had tried a while back. This place was not the right deli/liquor store. 

Boats way out in the distance. 
It was freezing cold out on the beach.  We tried to stay and eat the first sandwiches we got. My body shivers just thinking about it. 

THIS was the right deli/liquor store. The sandwiches are SO spicy. But so delicious. 



The Charger's (??) stadium? I can't remember & don't care enough to look it up. 

Once again, the hills. 

And on my drive back home... This is where the story gets interesting. I not only lost my debit card at a gas station, but I raced (literally raced) home to get to work on time.


You see... Somewhere around Gila Bend, I took a wrong turn. The stupid highway was under construction and it confused me on my way to CA too. The little blue dot was me. The blue line was where I was supposed to be. This took me to the OTHER SIDE of the valley. And this is where I panicked and went 90 most of the way. Even when it was raining. Trust me when I say I nearly died about 7 times. 

And this is me. On my way to work, completely on time. All showered and clean. I was so confused. And impressed at the same time! 

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  1. Loved your post Kels, it's especially good to laugh after having a couple of really crappy days at work :)