Thursday, January 19, 2012

Schhooooooooooooool sucks.

Story time!! I am going to do my best and keep this short and to the point. But most likely in the middle of this, you'll be like "WHEN WILL THIS LADY SHUT UP." And to that I reply, never. Because this is my blog. 

So school has started. And I think my school (MCC) was the last start out of all the schools in AZ. Let me back track for a second to winter break when I was signing up for my classes.  The 4 classes I'm taking this semester are the LAST 4 I need to do two things... 1.) Graduate with my Associates Degree and 2.) Start attending ASU and get my Bachelor's degree. I was all signed up for Trigonometry, Statistics, and Anatomy (my 4th class is a stupid Multiculturalism class I haven't signed up for yet).  Then, the day before school started, I checked my online thing to map out my classes... 


My Anatomy/Physiology class was cancelled. Just flat out cancelled to all who had signed up for it. I was devastated. I really liked the teacher I had signed up with since I had her for a lower-level class. And also? *This is where the details get a little messy* I had to get the permission code to get into this class because I didn't have the "technical" prerequisite, which is BIO 181. Well the guy I had originally asked is the Assistant Chair at the Red Mountain campus - Dr. C. HE IS SO AWESOME!! He gave me a permission code to get in the class the first time. 

This is where I'm going to skip some of the stupid details. Basically once I was dropped, there weren't that many classes open, and I couldn't find another class at RM to take. Dr. C told me that he could only generate a permission code if it was a RM class. Boo. So I go and talk to the people at the main campus (SD)... They don't let me in. Like a bunch of a-holes. I am emailing a million people, calling, going into the Life Science office. PLEASE JUST LET ME IN THIS CLASS!  And here is where I confess that I cried a total of 2 times within this whole ordeal (a total of 4, but the other two will be accounted for later). I cry when I'm stressed/frustrated. 

Luckily, Dr. C was more than willing to help me any way he could. After emailing all these people and begging teachers to let me into this class without the pre-req, I was so close to giving up. Now let me put this detail out there - I have taken so much Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, & Physics in the last 5 years between high school and college that I could probably fart and have information make sense. I'm no master, but I understand ALL of the basics. Science is my thing, I enjoy it. 

And this is where I cannot make sense of the ordeal because it is so jumbled in my brain. My last resort to getting into BIO 201 was taking this STUPID assessment at the SD campus. This assessment does not exist at the RM campus, because they are cool. Basically what qualified me to even attempt this assessment was that I had to have taken Biology with a passing grade in the past 5 years. I took Bio in 10th grade. I barely made the cut. So I was all ready to take this assessment today. I emailed Dr. C the night before and told him the situation... He once again told me that if I found a class at RM, I wouldn't have to take the assessment. He also mentioned speaking to Mr. Brown (the guy who gives the assessment). I politely said "PLEASE TALK TO HIM!!!!!!!!"... 

So then today (Thursday) rolls around, and I'm thinking okay, at like 1:30 I'm going to take that assessment. If I don't pass it (the dumb b-word that works in the LS office told me that 2/100 people pass it. I nearly punched her in face 3 times), I would have to re-arrange my Trig class and have Dr. C get me into a RM class somehow. 

And mind you that all of this had to be figured out by this Friday, because that's the last day to add classes. Dumb.

I get out of my Stats class in the morning, walk to my car, and start checking my email. I have one email from Mr. Brown & one from Dr. C. I open the Mr. Brown one first.

"Hi Kelsey! 
 I just got a message from Dr. C at Red Mtn that you have already been vetted for admission into bio 201.  I will be in my office today at 10:30-11:50 am and again from 1:15-2 PM.  Come by and I will sign a form that will allow you to take bio 201.  Earlier is better as slots are nearly full. You will still need to find an open slot."  

Those are his words. At this point, I had already cried a 3rd time, so this email put me into the 4th. I couldn't even believe it. 
The email from Dr. C pretty much said the same thing... "I talked to Mr. Brown."

I was, and still am SO happy. I drove right to the SD campus to have him sign it, and headed to registration to be added to one of the last remaining classes. Which, by the way, is taught by the same a-hole that rejected me. WHAT NOW, BIOTCH!  *When I walked into Mr. Brown's office he said "Oh, Kelsey, Dr. C spoke very highly of you, did you take his 160 class?" Ummm no, actually I have never seen Dr. C in person, only through email. All I said back to Mr. B was no. But still, that's pretty cool, right?* 

And the lesson I have learned from all of this? I can do anything. Literally anything if I want it done. I had already adopted this attitude in my recent adult years, but now I know it 100%. 

*And here's the story about the 3rd time I cried. This was after I had been rejected by about 10 people, including that dumb girl who is a student but works in the LS office, and doesn't know anything. I was walking back to my car, through the parking lot. I was walking through one spot, right at the top. Some DUMB girl whips her ugly (I'm only calling it ugly because I'm mad, not because I hate them) Scion into the spot and nearly hits me. I throw my hands up a little like "what the heck". I really didn't mean to egg her on, but obviously she's really stupid and wanted to fight. So she rolls down her window about 5 inches (she was scared, and that's why it wasn't more) and yells "THIS IS A PARKING LOT NOT A CROSSWALK!!" in her stupid, ugly voice. Oh yeah? Noooo, I don't believe you! Stupid. So that gives you the right to hit me with your car?! 
What happened in real life was that I replied with a very attitude-filled "Really?!"
Dumb girl: "Yeah!" (she totally sounded like a valley-girl)
I actually don't remember what I said after this, but her stupid friend was getting out of the car and laughing at me. So I took a step toward her and said "Oh you think it's funny?"
Dumb/ugly friend: "Actually yeah."
Then I mocked-laughed at them and walked away. I was SO close to fighting them in all of my rage, and now a full day later & just thinking about it has me all geared up for a fight! I hate when people behave like that. And I can't believe parents would raise children like that. So then I got in my car and started crying. Not because some dumb biotches were laughing at me, because I was mad. Mad at the entire day. 

Anyway, I could go on and on about how all of this angers me. I was already given the permission to be in the class!!!! Why couldn't they just give me the permission again?! Dr. C saved the day. No joke. I need to end this now... before I start punching my computer screen out of anger. 

Please take this as a lesson. Don't let people tell you "you can't" when you know darn well that you can. And DO NOT go to MCC. If you do, have the Red Mountain campus do everything for you. Those are people that truly want to see you succeed and not spend 10 years at a community college. 

The end.                                                       


  1. Ugh Kels, this is terrible! But I'm so glad you got it resolved. Not going to lie, I probably would not have been as determined as you. So good job for fighting for what you wanted. And ya you should probably send that "Dr. C" a card at least! That was nice of someone to actually help you succeed!

  2. Oh ya and I'm surprised you didn't punch one of those girls. I probably would have. What little brats. Seriously, kids raised like this will be the demise of our country!