Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Instagram My Top 38

So... Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars.  Billion

I say that's a good buy, because Instagram is awesome.  Once the app for the elite iPhone users, now put out there for everyone.  I'm coming to terms with it. 

I will get all hipster on everyone and say that I used/liked/loved Instagram way before it was cool.  Thanks to my co-worker showing me it's beautiful editing features and fun social aspects, I was an instant Instagramer.  I'm a real OI (Original Instagramer). 

And so, here are 38 of my favorite Instagram pictures. Yes, 38 because a normal "top" number wasn't good enough. And considering I have 248 pictures on my Instagram, I narrowed it down quite a bit. 

And follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of my pictures. 
P.S. They are in so specific order because Blogger chooses to be like that. 

All of these pictures are owned by Me.  If you choose to use them in any way, asking my permission would be preferred. If you don't feel the need to ask my permission, please at least cite the original source and include a link back to Second Friday.  

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