Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last weekend & this weekend.

Last weekend was so bomb. 

Any weekend that involves hanging out with Sky a lot is just awesome. Excuse me for loving him. 

Friday night was spent working on a research paper I had due. Isn't that fun? I don't enjoy academic writing what-so-ever, so Sky being the awesome person he is, always helps me finish papers. He turned that baby into a top notch paper. 

Saturday morning, we got up super early to go do Pat's Run.  For those of you who don't know, Pat Tillman ( was a NFL player for the Arizona Cardinals, who put his career on hold to serve the US Army in 2002.  His tragic, and highly publicized death in 2004 led his family and friends to start The Pat Tillman Foundation. Each year, Pat's Run is held in his honor and to raise money for the foundation. More than 35,000 people show up to race, sponsor or spectate the 4.2 mile race (4.2 miles because Tillman's jersey number was 42).

My office always creates a team and participates.  Everyone in the office are die-hard Arizona State University fans (where Tillman played football & graduated from), so it's becoming a tradition to go and race.  

This year, Sky did it with me! Yay! 

Me, my Mom, and two brothers before the race. 

My brothers, Mom, and Sky before the race.

Sky & I after. 

And after! 
Don't you love that pink tint my phone case puts on my pictures? It's my favorite. 

My mom & brothers ran pretty much the entire thing and had to wait at the end for Sky and I. We did the whole thing pretty casually.  It was nice to just stroll with my honey. 

Saturday night was fun as well! After getting all cleaned up, and taking a MUCH needed nap (I'd actually been feeling crappy thanks to some weird bug going around), we went out with Sky's sister and her boyfriend to Nello's Pizza. It was very good.  And it was only a slight catastrophe getting there. Sky and I went to the Ahwatukee location, and his sis & bf went to the Mesa location. But eventually we all got to the right place and scarfed down some pizza! 

Ahh Sunday... A day that should have been easy. Sky and I had planned on going to get my car's brake pads done. Thought it wouldn't take too long, and wouldn't cost too much. Boy were we wrong. It ended up taking about 3 hours, 1.5 of those hours were spent in Big O' Tires un-air-conditioned waiting area. That was terrible. Then we begged my parents to come pick us up. Ohh annnnnnd my poor car needed new rotors :(, plus the fact that Mazda's are apparently expensive cars to maintain... Let's just saw a lot more money was spent then planned.  

After finishing homework later that evening, we decided a little spa time would be nice. What did we do exactly? Sky begged me to cut his toenails and give him a pedicure (a.k.a wash his feet then put lotion on them), and I, in return, asked him to put a cleansing mask on my face and give me a facial. 

The pedicure went well, I suppose. Toe nails gross me out, so I dry heaved the first couple minutes.  Sky has extremely ticklish feet, so it was actually really funny. It was like dealing with a child. 

And the facial. It was actually pretty scary, as you can see from the look on my face. Boys just don't understand the gentleness that is needed. He got it in my hair, a little in my mouth, and rubbed right over my eyelids. An experience to say the least.  (I'm glad I have no shame in sharing this picture. It's not the only face mask picture of me out there on the internet.)

So there's my weekend. Went by too fast, as usual.

This weekend can't come soon enough. I've had two instances where I wake up and think it's the weekend. On Friday, I get to hang out with my best friend. We're making shirts for our plans on Saturday. 

Saturday!!! We'll be meeting P-Dubs. P-Widdy-Diddy-Dubs. Pioneer Woman, for you lame-o's out there. I am SO excited. Her book tour last year for her book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels didn't come to Phoenix, but did make a stop in Salt Lake City, UT where my sister got to meet her! And my sis was kind enough to get all of us girls signed copies of the book. My sister rules. 

This time around, she's signing/promoting her second cookbook. I haven't even looked at mine yet. I'm too excited. I'll be a wreck, and it'll most likely turn out like when my sister met her. My sister couldn't even talk. Oh boy. It's going to be awesome! 

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