Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just Call Me Master Sew Lady

I retract my statement that I was going to be a master sewer for Sky.  I didn't mean "sewer" as in a septic tank. Sewer as in "sew-er".  Does that make sense? Didn't even dawn on me till I started writing this one. 

And so, just call me Master Sew Lady. 

This little project caused me stress. I almost gave up. 

But, because I'm awesome, I finished it (like 2 weeks ago. I'm awesome at posting on time). 

And so here it is.  Invisible zipper all installed and ready for Sky's truck. Look at those beautiful seems.  

Look at it zippering up! It ended up being very awesome.  With some brain power, I conquered the invisible zipper. Trying to maneuver the leather around the sewing machine in order to sew the second side was where it got tough. 

And the top.  Since I had to cut the zipper to fit, I put two dabs of hot glue at the top of the zipper to stop it. 

And here it is at it's new home! Sky and his dad have to pop rivet it to the plastic cover.  So it's not completely done yet, but my part sure is.

Now I am totally ready to finish that pillow! 

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  1. Dang...I had no idea you made that! This really is proof, when we say "I could make that"...we probably really will/did. You're so talented!