Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Blogging Inspiration

I happened upon this blog today. 

And this post in particular.  Honestly, it was just the inspiration I needed. I've been having some writers block lately. Not sure what I want to share, or purely just having nothing "exciting" to write about. 

I need to remember a few *key* things to keeping this blog something I enjoy: write about things I love, write about things I'd want to read about, write in a style I would like to read, make friends (this one might take some time), create a reoccurring feature that will keep people coming back (in the works), and always trust my instincts while writing and formulating ideas. 

I am not sure how i found this blog... Sometimes my web browsing can get quite complicated and I can't remember the maze.  I know for a fact I love this blog.  Lots of DIY, lots of uplifting posts, lots of really cool things, and a way cool look into her amazing wedding. So cute! 

And so my friends, I will strive to write more often and with better content. As long as you keep coming back to Alixx and I. 

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