Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreaming of that Avocado.

I had half an avocado on the salad I ate for lunch today at work.  It instantly took me back to 2 days ago when Sky and I went to On the Border for dinner. I love all Mexican food, but they had a few *new* and exciting dishes listed on their menu. We both decided to try the same new dish. 

It was a simple chicken enchilada and... Get this... half an avocado, stuffed with some sort of creamy chicken concoction, then coated with a tempura batter, then fried.   Not sure on the frying method, but I am willing to try anything and everything if it means I can have this again. 

I might just have to go back to On the Border to investigate a little more.  Maybe take my time with the next one instead of inhaling it, which led the hostess at the front door say "That was fast!" as Sky and I made our exit. Sigh... 

I am dreaming of you, stuffed avocado. 
We'll meet again real soon. 

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